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Useful Links for Parents


Education Scotland - information on  the Curriculum for Excellence:
Information from Learning and Teaching Scotland's website about the Curriculum for Excellence

SQA - for past papers and information about Scottish qualifications, etc: SQA

SCHOLAR is one of the world's largest school e-learning education programmes and it is available to every pupil studying Intermediate Maths and Highers/Advanced Highers in almost every school in Scotland.   

SCHOLAR Scotland
Please click on this link to access SCHOLAR's Parent Information Leaflet.

BBC Bitesize – revision exercises: Bitesize Revision

Education Scotland - Information for parents: Parentzone

Dundee Council Schools

Dundee City Council  - Parental Involvement

Social issues:

Alcohol: Talking to young people about alcohol leaflet

Cyberbullying: Information for Parents and Carers leaflet and Respect Me/Cyberbullying

Digital Parenting:  Information to help parents with e safety. Click on the Digital Parenting link