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Drama Department Overview

Drama Department Staff

Ms A. McTavish

Mr M. Readman

Miss M. McGarroll

Drama Department Weebly Page


The Culture and Ethos of the Drama Department

 A warm welcome to the Drama department, an exciting and creative learning community, consistently striving to improve teaching and learning.

We believe that every learner can have a successful, fulfilling and enjoyable experience learning in, through and about Drama and aim to be inclusive, engaging and inspiring to all.

Drama has intrinsic educational value and enhances the ethos of Harris Academy, the school's aims and values of Respect, Equality, Enjoyment and Achievement, through advancing learner’s communication skills, their ability to work in harmony within a group and in appreciating the world we live in from many perspectives.

Through studying Drama, our young people equip themselves with a variety of transferrable skills apt for 21st century life. The Drama curriculum is a springboard for learning across disciplines and encourages imagination, creativity, problem solving and sought-after communication skills. 


Drama offers a unique way of understanding ourselves and others as a tool to express and explore human feeling. Learning in Drama helps gain a greater understanding of the world we live in; aiding learners in building resilience, developing empathy and nurturing confidence.

Mission Statement:

The department firmly believes in the advantage provided to young people studying Drama, as we enhance their social behaviour and understanding of the world, through inviting them to experience and imagine a variety of situations from alternative perspectives, and through the development of presentation skills.


To develop:

  • Successful Learners by creating an ethos of achievement within the department and providing learners with a challenging and motivating learning environment.

  • Confident Individuals by building learners' presentation skills in terms of voice and movement, and how they are presenting themselves to others.

  • Responsible Citizens by teaching learners to look at issues and events from a variety of perspectives.

  • Effective Contributors by providing a safe environment where learners can listen to, respect and express opinions and ideas, working successfully with others in a group context.



 Provide stimulating challenging and appropriate Drama courses at all levels.

  • Encourage maximum participation within a caring, safe and welcoming environment for learning.

  • Ensure that all learners are given every opportunity to reach their full potential through monitoring, recording and reporting their progress.

  • Acknowledge, value and celebrate the achievements of our young people.

  • Communicate effectively with the wider learning community. 

  • Ensure that school, regional and national initiatives are implemented.


Drama Curriculum Thematic Units

S1: The Greatest Showman / The Wild West / Myths & Legends / Titanic

S2: Tales of the Unexpected / CSI / The Roaring Twenties / Handle with Care

S3: Pantomime / Theatre in Education / Community Drama Project

National 4/5: Drama Skills / Production Skills / Written and Practical Exam Prep

To find out more about N5 Drama, please visit: [Last Accessed: 21/08/2019]


Drama Extra-Curricular

S1 Drama Club, Monday Lunchtime

Young Company, Thursday Lunchtime

N5 Rehearse & Revise (By Arrangement)

Drama Ambassadors help facilitate these groups alongside Drama Teachers.