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Welcome to the Business Education Department


Department Staff

Members of staff for the current session are:

  • Miss Muir (Principal Teacher)
  • Miss L Anderson
  • Miss Lucy Cattigan (NQT)
  • Miss I Balfour
Welcome to the Business Education Department.   This is the place where you can experience what it is like to be in business whilst developing high level workplace skills which you will be able to use in all types of jobs and professions.

Course Information

There are various courses on offer which include:

S1/S2             Computing and Business Enterprise (CBE)

S3                  Business & IT

S4/S5             National 4&5 Business Management, Administration, Accounting.

S5/6               Higher/National 5 Business, Administration, Accounting          

S6                  Advanced Higher Business Management             

We look forward to meeting you.