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Welcome to the Music Department

Music Department Weebly Page

This link takes you to the resources for all year groups, which can be found on our department website.

Department Staff

Mr's A McTavish (Acting PT) 

Mr. Haxton   (Acting PT Participation)

Mrs McEleny - Music Teacher

M's Zofie Dvorakova - Music Teacher

Mrs Becky Robinson - Music Teacher

Mrs Alex Craigie - Drama 


Instrumental Teachers

Mr. Robertson              Percussion

Miss P Robertson         Piano

Mrs. Hamilton             Woodwind

Miss. Bird                    Brass

Miss A Davidson          Lower Strings (Cello/Double Bass)

Mr. Potter                     Bagpipes

Mr. Cannon                  Guitar

Miss Brough                 Upper Strings (Violin/Viola)

Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental tuition is provided by visiting teachers in woodwind, brass, percussion, strings, piano, guitar and bagpipes.

Tuition usually involves a weekly lesson during the school day which changes weekly on a rotational basis. Pupils are expected to carry and keep a practice diary and practise at home.

Instruments are available to hire to pupils involved in this scheme and parents are required to arrange insurance cover for any loss or damage.

There is no annual charge for lessons or instrumental hire.


Course Information

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