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 CfE Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies National Courses(SQA website)

S1 – S3 Courses

In S1-S3 pupils study a range of units which are designed to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious, moral, and philosophical issues that affect the world today.

Examples of areas of study in S1-S3:

Religious & Philosophical Questions: What happens when we die? Can we prove the existence of God? How did the world begin?

World Religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism.

Morality & Belief: Prejudice & Discrimination, Charity, Capital Punishment, Animal Ethics, Euthanasia.


S4 Courses

Pupils can choose to study RMPS at National 4 or National 5 level.

In addition to this, every S4 pupil receives 1 period of Core RME as part of the national requirements


S5 & S6 Courses

Pupils can choose to study RMPS at Intermediate 2, Higher, or Advanced Higher level.