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Rep Onstage Project

 This year, a group of pupils joined forces with The Rep Dundee to devise and perform a dramatic piece for the Onstage 2015 Project.  This year’s theme was Revenge which conjured up dramatic and impressive script ideas from the pupils.  Directed by Mrs P Cook and Mrs E Smith, the pupils had huge success on the stage and enjoyed watching performances from other schools.  This project enabled pupils to create, develop and sustain character portrayal through the use of voice, movement and language, after exploring a range of stimuli to devise their piece.  More importantly, pupils responded to drama by reflecting on their own thoughts and feelings and giving and receiving constructive criticism.  

This is the fifth year we have collaborated with the Rep Dundee on their Onstage project.  Things are changing this year as Onstage will no longer be running, but we will continue to work with the Rep to build confidence and success for our young people.

Well done Jude Hughes, Hazel Bengough, Eve Kermally, Anna Kermally, Nur Rashidova, Meryem Rashidova, Gary Forbes, Grace McKenzie!